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Handmade concertina book (made in collaboration with Caroline Penn)
An Anatomy of Cumberland and Westmorland Wrestling
Published by VARC. 72 page, full colour, A5 portrait concertina folded publication, opening out to a total 5.5m span with foil blocked covers. Photographic images on one side and reproduction of hand-drawn map with drawings and notes on the reverse. Each book is signed and comes with a hand-made wrap.
The Debatable Lands

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Dinosaur Dust

Another Place Press


Also available as a Special Edition, limited to 30 copies - each with an A4 limited edition inkjet print signed and numbered £55.00


Dinosaur Dust was made between 2014-19 over several trips through the Mojave Desert in California. Subjects become collaborators in this open-ended narrative, both experienced and directed, telling stories of life lived with a heightened sense of mortality and longing in this isolated landscape.


Many women are drawn to the desert, often living alone, building new homes and embracing this formidable wild life. Submit to the great meteorological forces and it’s a reminder of how it feels to be alive, drawn to this edge, like someone experiencing vertigo, with an inexplicable urge to jump into the abyss.



Available through Another Place Press