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As part of a residency with Visual Arts in Rural Communities (VARC) in 2016, I walked the length of the Anglo-Scottish border. This was the start of a project exploring international borders, immigration and the the concept of wilderness.


Walking through this often wild and remote land it is hard to imagine the days of the Reivers and the border wars when this region was a lawless, no mans land. However there is once again a debate over sovereignty and the Anglo Scottish relationship. The close result of the Scottish Independence referendrum in 2014 and the repercussions of Brexit has kept the revelence of the border topical. I met people who live on both sides of the line and learning about their relationship with place, past and present.


The text in some of these images is taken from interviews with the Borderers, both English and Scots, expressing their thoughts and feelings about the border, Scottish indepedence and each other.



 VARC Artist in Residence